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Automation Equipment



Drawing up of customised automation and control concepts.

Advice & planning

  • Project management and programming up to the commissioning of SPS systems on various platforms:
    • CoDeSys e.g. Wago IO system, Beckhoff
    • Siemens  S7
    • Allen Bradley
    • Unitronics
    • Visualisation systems
      • WinCC, CoDeSys, Pro-Face
    • Additional platforms on request
  • Project management of transmission units, complete sets of transmission equipment and machines including mechanical and hydraulic elements
  • Drawing up of planning documents, documentation and functional descriptions
  • Generation of circuit diagrams using WSCAD in accordance with DIN/ISO 61346
  • Selection of actuator and sensor equipment


Development, production & fitting

  • Programming of process software on PCs including GUI and data visualisation
  • Implementation of BUS protocols on PLC, PC and μC systems
  • Development and production of customised electronic control hardware
  • Switchgear cabinet construction including obtaining of components
  • Commissioning and integration into the production process at your plant or at your customer