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Trend of orders & manufacture





Below you can find selected examples of systems which we have developed for our customers and which, to an extent, we have produced ourselves.


Customer: Uhde High Pressure Technologies GmbH

Project: Designing and programming of a customer-specific control unit for high-pressure valves in LDPE plants with digital non-linear regulators, operation via a touchscreen interface, the equipment standard is equivalent to the SIL 2 specification


Customer: Agrifac Machinery B.V.
Project: Development of a micro-controller operated CANopen slave module for the individual valve control of self-propelled sprayers




Customer: Hauschild & Co KG
Project: Development of the sequence control system (electronics + software) of a  laboratory mixing system including user control via a touchscreen





Customer: Hydrosta B.V.
Project: Navio






Customer: Newage-PRM
Project: Electronic control unit and electronic throttle control connected via a CAN-bus for Newage-PRM boat reverse gear units

Customer: Quantum
Project: FWD