As a specialist for the hard- and software support for the electronic control of plants and machines we master your individual tasks and requirements.

  • Development and production of an adapted localizing tag

  • Design of the enclosure, adaption of the localization tag to the tool battery with wide voltage input range, the supply is possible with different battery types
Added value for our client
  • This customized development opens up a new market for our client to sell their standard products
  • Customized development and production of this small quantities is for our client economically inefficient
Project quantities
  • Approx. 700 tags within 4 years

  • Development and integration of control devices with added functionality into an existing control system – Plug and play concept
  • Flexible with adaptive automatic address system.
  • Selection of the floor level via a control with CANopen interface based on an existing, proprietary MD concept
  • CANopen based master controller
  • In-house production by MD engineering
Added value for our client
  • Less cables
  • Easier operation by the end-user
  • Reliable industrial standard instead of a proprietary solution
  • Development and production of fieldbus IO-controller modules
  • Development according to the client specification
  • Serial in-house production by MD engineering
Added value for our client
  • Just in time delivery into production line of the client
  • continuous updates and development
  • Cost savings during assembly
  • Control for a fold-out stop for the ICE IV train
  • Development, testing and production according to our client’s specification
Added value for our client
  • Long-lasting reliable cooperation
  • One responsible partner
  • Quick response time and flexible team
  • Sophisticated control functions for mobile industrial platforms
  • Hydraulic adaptive balancing function for levelling in uneven terrain
  • Automatic synchronization via wireless communictaion between several platforms
Added value for our client
  • Safe and gentle transport of long and heavy parts without extra bending or shock loads due to uneven terrain.
  • Control of variours hydraulic systems on big Yachts
  • HPU, cranes, boarding equipment, steering gears, etc.
  • Concept design, engineering of PLC based controld including sensors and actors
  • HMI design
  • Production of switching gear
  • Commissioning support and after-sales service support
  • Submittance of documents for plan approval by classification societies (DAD)
Added value for our client
  • Long-lasting cooperation
  • Efficient work-flow based on a high level of system know-how
  • Quick response
  • MD engineering is constantly driving production innovation and uses the latest state of the art technology